Mines are hosts of field sessions

On 30 July 2017 participants of International Mining Forum 2017 will attend scientific sessions which are organized in the mines and plants of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. It promises to be an interesting discussion on Polish and International mining.

The representatives from AGH University of Science and Technology, Silesian University of Technology, mines and companies cooperating with the mining industry will discuss on mining on the threshold of the 21st Century.

Among the session topics there are ideas such as:

  • New techniques and technologies in underground mining of deposits.
  • Directions for improving the efficiency of preparatory works.
  • Stability of longwall and gateroad excavation as a key to effective bituminous coal mining.
  • Methane, ventilation and air-conditioning of mines.
  • Information technology in the mining industry.
  • Mining of the deposits in the natural hazard conditions.
  • Revitalization of post-mining areas.
  • Mining industry and the transformation towards closed economy.
  • Technics and technologies of shaft sinking.  
  • Telecommunication systems, monitoring and visualization of the underground mining process.
  • Work safety management in the mines.

We would like to encourage you to acquaint the details of each session (in Thematic framework tab).