JSW at the 2017 ABB Mining User Conference

On 3-5 May, an International Conference was held in Stockholm for ABB customers, mainly mining companies from across the world. Tadeusz Wenecki, President of the Management Board of JSW Innowacje, the JSW Group’s newest company slated ultimately to become the Group’s research and development center, attended. Other JSW representatives also attended.

The JSW Group’s representatives had a prime opportunity not only to take part in one of the more important global technical conferences on mining or, more precisely, on the application of new and innovative technologies in the production process, but also to invite its participants to the next Mining Forum in the International Mining Forum 2017 series, to be held in June of this year at JSW’s Pniówek mine. The conference will mark the launch of operations by JSW Innowacje. 

The ABB Mining User Conference 2017 is a regular event organized by ABB on average every 2 years in different venues around the world. It is a unique opportunity for ABB customers, representatives and guests to see the company’s latest projects in real locations across the world, including Chile, Brazil, Canada, the US, Sweden, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The hosts split up the ABB Mining User Conference 2017 into several key topical groups. In addition to general mining, the other topics included monitoring the production process, 3D visualization, power supply and drive systems, digital data safety systems, remote control and WiFi reporting and new technologies to enhance production efficiency. 

ABB is a global organization, a leader in innovation and in the implementation of new technologies in the global mining sector. It cooperates with JSW in many areas, including power supply and the control of electric machinery.